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NEWS ON OTHER MEDIA – COP15 side event: Indigenous Peoples, Local Communities and the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework

COP15 side event: Indigenous Peoples, Local Communities and the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework

ABC Radio (Australia): Indigenous COP15 delegates urge extinction action

AFP: Crunch UN biodiversity meeting seeks to save ‘planet in crisis’  

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African News Agency


Breitbart (US)

Canary (UK)

Capital News((Kenya)

Channel News Asia(Singapore)

Digital Journal

Dunya News(Pakistan)


ENCA (South Africa)



Prothom Alo(Bangladesh)


Seychelles News Agency

Today Online(Singapore)

Urdu Point (Bangladesh)

Yahoo News

*AFP: La COP15 busca consenso sobre zonas protegidas, pueblos originarios y biopiratería

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*De Peru

*France 24

*La Nacion(Argentina)


*Radio France Internationale


*AFP: COP15: Por qué las comunidades indígenas son vitales para salvar la biodiversidad

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*France 24

*Metro Libre(Panama)

*Swiss Info

*Yahoo News(US)

*AFP: Proteger 30% del planeta, un objetivo crucial de la COP15 de biodiversidad

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De Peru

*Diario El Salvador

*El Profe Show(US)

*France 24

*La Nacion (Argentina)

*Metro Libre (Panama)

*RD Noticias(Dominican Republic)

*Tucuman Noticias(Argentina)

*Yahoo News (US)

Africa Science News (Kenya): Indigenous peoples urge UN to save nature

Agencia EFE (Spain): Indígenas quieren que la Conferencia sobre Biodiversidad respete sus derechos

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ABC (Paraguay)

Al Jazeera (Qatar): Indigenous people seek leadership, respect in biodiversity battle

*Andina (Peru): A ritmo de rap, indígenas wampis defienden la Amazonía peruana

*Atmos (US): COP15: Aboriginal Australians Connect Biodiversity to Human Rights

BBC Radio (UK): Inside Science – Biodiversity

*BBC (UK): Biodiversity: Can we set aside a third of our planet for nature?

*Canadian Dimension: “The voice of Indigenous peoples is the real voice of nature”

Carbon Brief: Interactive: Who wants what at the COP15 biodiversity summit

CBC News: Indigenous people recognized as leaders at biodiversity summit, but not equals in negotiations

CBC Radio (Canada): Pas d’entente sans nous », affirment des Autochtones du monde entier à la COP15

*Context (Reuters): Are indigenous protected areas the key to COP15’s ’30 by 30′ goal?

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CTV News Montreal: Efforts to protect nature at COP15 will fail without Indigenous people, leaders say

Daily KosClimate Brief: Indigenous Groups Demand Voice @ COP15

Down to Earth (India): ‘Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework must feature role of indigenous people’

Down to Earth (India): Faces of protection: 30×30 goal impossible without indigenous participation

*DW: Les voix des peuples autochtones de plus en plus audibles à la Cop15

*EarthBeat (US): Religion has more than a moral role to play in protecting creation, faith groups say at COP15

El Observador (Uruguay): Delegados de casi 200 países buscarán en la COP15 un acuerdo vinculante sobre biodiversidad

*El País (Spain)La nueva ley europea contra la deforestación mundial decepciona a los indígenas

Euronews: La legge sulla deforestazione: «Bisogna fare di più» dicono le comunità indigene

Grist (US): How Indigenous people are fighting to stop “the biggest land grab in history”

*Guardian (UK): Plan to protect 30% of Earth divides and inspires at Cop15

*Inter Press Service (Italy)El «momento París» de la biodiversidad parece lejano en cumbre de Montreal

L’Indipendente (Italy): L’unica popolazione indigena europea continua a lottare per l’autodeterminazione

La Croix (France): À la COP15, écouter les autochtones pour restaurer la biodiversité

Le Devoir (Canada): Des siècles de traditions durables

Guardian (UK): Plan to protect 30% of Earth divides and inspires at Cop15

*Liberation (France): COP 15 Biodiversité : «Nous espérons que la voix des peuples autochtones sera entendue»

Local Journalism Initiative (Canada): Indigenous traditions are key to preserving biodiversity, says COP15 organizer

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Yahoo News

*Mongabay (US): Amid struggling COP15 talks, Indigenous leaders from Canada offer some solutions

Montreal Gazette (Canada): Guilbeault won’t block Montreal port expansion in habitat of endangered fish

Canada’s National Observer: The heart of UN biodiversity talks beats at the Indigenous Village, but will it give life to Indigenous rights in COP negotiations?

ND Mais (Brazil):  COP15 reúne quase 200 países no Canadá para salvar biodiversidade e clima

*News 24 (France): COP15 : Que signifie réellement la conservation ?

*New Straits Times (Malaysia): Why Indigenous people are vital for saving biodiversity

NPR (US): A UN biodiversity convention aims to slow humanity’s ‘war with nature’

*Ouest FranceCop15 biodiversité : les indigènes ne veulent pas d’une préservation « coloniale » de la nature

*La Presse (Canada): COP15 sur la biodiversité | Les Autochtones doivent être au centre des efforts de protection, disent des chefs

Pressenza: There can be no agreement to save nature without inclusion of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities COP15

*Radio Canada: Biodiversité : la lutte du premier gouvernement autochtone du Pérou

Radio Canada: Pas d’entente sans nous », affirment des Autochtones du monde entier à la COP15

*Radio France InternationaleCOP15: à Montréal, les peuples autochtones veulent avoir voix au chapitre

*Radiozurnal (Czech Republic): V Montrealu se jedná o budoucnosti živé přírody. Delegáti paradoxně týdny nespatří denní světlo

Turtle Island News (Canada): Indigenous traditions are key to preserving biodiversity, COP15 organizers say

Um So PlanetaPovos indígenas buscam direitos territoriais mais fortes em negociações na COP15

*Valigia Blu (Italy)Fusione nucleare: dagli USA un risultato storico, ma ci sono ancora tante sfide tecnologiche da superare

*Vox (US): World leaders are racing to protect nature — but the definition of one word is tripping them up

Vox (US): World leaders have 2 weeks to agree on a plan to save nature

*Vert (France): Meilleurs protecteurs du vivant, les peuples autochtones restent en marge des négociations de la COP15

*ZME Science (Romania):This indigenous community in Peru declared itself an autonomous government to fight deforestation and mining

Context (Reuters Foundation): COP15 nature deal hailed as ‘major step’ for indigenous rights

Mondiaal Nieuws

News 24

BBC: COP15: Nations reach ‘historic’ deal to protect nature

Vox: 6 reasons why our planet might not be doomed after all

France 24: Things to know about a landmark biodiversity agreement

Prensa Latina: Pueblos indígenas exigen derechos en conferencia sobre biodiversidad

Canada’s National Observer: Will Indigenous sovereignty be on the agenda at COP15?

Euronews: Plans to protect 30% of the planet by 2030 could be ‘devastating’ for indigenous people

Radio Zurnal (Czech Republic): V Montrealu se jedná o budoucnosti živé přírody. Delegáti paradoxně týdny nespatří denní světlo

Morung Express: Support for agricultural production in developing nations cannot be shifted – India at COP15

Reporterre: La décision de la COP15: protéger 30% des terres du globe

China Daily: What firms must do to accelerate action on nature

Online Khabar: What’s blocking indigenous peoples and local communities in Nepal from claiming their biodiversity rights?

Mongabay: COP15 needs a ‘holistic approach to conservation’: Q and A with Joan Carling and Ramiro Batzin

EarthBeat – National Catholic Reporter:  Indigenous leaders press for their land rights as COP15 debates ecosystem protection areas

Edie: ‘Flawed but a turning point for humanity’: Green groups react to COP15’s global biodiversity agreement

Carbon Pulse: COP15: Finance tops list of crunch issues as ministers arrive in Montreal for high-level section of talks

Le Monde: Dans la forêt de Ngangao, au Kenya, la protection de l’environnement sur une ligne de crête

Quebec ScienceCOP15: les Autochtones veulent être entendues

Mongabay: Will the world join Indigenous peoples in relationship with nature at COP15 (Commentary)

City News (Montreal): Youth take center stage at COP15 biodiversity conference in Montreal

The Guardian: ‘Crucial’ COP15 deal includes target to protect 30% of nature on Earth by 2030

France 24: La COP15 alcanza un acuerdo sin precendentes para proteger la biodiversidad

The Guardian: «We didn’t accept it» DRC minister laments forcing through of COP15 Deal

Grist: Countries reach sweeping deal to protect nature

IIFB Press Release

EnviroNews Nigeria

Siasat Daily


New York TimesNearly every country signs on to a sweeping deal to protect nature

The Guardian «Objection by DRC sours ‘paradigm-changing’ COP15 biodiversity deal

AFP/France 24Indígenas piden que acuerdo de biodiversidad reconozca sus derechos

El ciudadano

AFP: Reacciones al acuerdo en la COP15

La Nacion (Argentina)

El Financiero CR

The Guardian: COP15 in Montreal: did the summit deliver for the natural world?

EuroNews green: Global Biodiversity Framework: Almost 200 countries have signed, but is it ‘truly historic’?

Survival International: A defeat and some successes with a bitter after taste

Green Report (Italy):

Radio Canada/TV5 Monde: À la COP15, de minces avancées pour les Autochtones

Context/TRFWill business be accountable for nature damage with cop15 deal? (GYBN)

Deutche WellesComo funcionará o Marco Global da Biodiversidade

EcowatchHigh stakes biodiversity summit ends with agreement to protect 30% of nature by 2030

IPS Noticias: Acuerdo histórico para la biodiversidad pero de aplicación complicada

Mongabay: Nations adopt Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework

New Scientist: COP15 biodiversity deal is ‘new ear’ for Indigenous-led conservation

Carbon Brief: Key outcomes agreed at the UN biodiversity conference in Montreal

Carbon Pulse: Biodiversity market stakeholders grapple with balancing steady demand, quality supply