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Virtual Preparatory Meeting II – AFRICA REGION

World Summit on Traditional Knowledge Related to Biodiversity

DATE: Thursday 12th July 2024

TIME: 9 AM (Montreal time)

DURATION: 2 hours

09:00-09:10Spiritual CeremonyDianga Sall
09:10-09-20Welcome to the event by organizersLucy Mulenkei
09:20-09:25Introduction, including the agenda of the sessionLucy Mulenkei
09:25-09:40 Presentation on Traditional Knowledge IndicatorsJoji Cariño and Maurizio, FPP
 09:40-09:50Target 3Viviana Figueroa
10:00-10:30Presentation on DSI negotiation processPreston and Jennifer
10:30-10:45DialogueLucy Mulenkei
10:45-10:55Summary of IIFB eventsOlga Tzec
10:55-11:00Closing remarksLucy Mulenkei